DJI’s Innovation Consistently Produces Excellent Quality Drones: The Phantom 4 is No Exception

Modern advances in technology have, in recent years, been fueling the improvements of drone technology. What this means for recreational quad copter users is an experience that improves by leaps and bounds with every new model released. The DJI Phantom 4 is no exception. Its predecessor, the DJI Phantom 3, provided a simple to use and stable interface for capturing high quality photos and videos. This dji phantom 4 drone review would argue that these trends have continued. Anyone looking for a technologically advanced and competitive drone need look no further.

In addition to the advancements to satellite GPS tracking seen in the Phantom 3, the Phantom 4 boasts a Vision Positioning System (VPS) that allows for accurate hovering even outside the range of GPS. This makes makes it safe to fly in almost any environment, allowing for instant braking upon release of the joystick controls. In addition it independently tracks the drone’s movements and returns it to its original hovering point in the event of atmospheric disturbance.

The addition of multiple flight modes to this model gives users more control over how this complex machine meets their needs. In simplicity of navigation the DJI drones can’t be beat, but the Phantom 4 has the additional benefit of flight options that make smooth video capture easy even at high speeds. The use of its newly designed Sport mode allows for increased speed of up to 25%, without sacrificing agility or control.

Reduced weight and improved balance while in flight minimize unwanted vibration, contributing to a more even video or photo quality, and a 25% increase on fly time makes it possible to capture longer uninterrupted suites of footage. Additionally a new visual tracking feature, ActiveTrack, allows users to track a subject or re-frame shots with ease without the need for inconvenient tracking beacons.

Overall the Phantom 4 provides the kind of quality product that users have come to expect from DJI. It seems like each new model comes complete with an entire host of incredible features and technological improvements. The writer of this article can’t wait to see what this innovative company comes up with next!